U.S. Fence Solutions was formed with the purpose of acquiring or partnering with leading companies in the fencing distribution and installation industry. Our initial investment was made in 2016 when we partnered with Denver-based Split Rail Fence & Supply Co., which has a 40-year history of proven success in the fencing industry.

We are actively looking to purchase or partner with commercial, industrial, and residential fencing distribution and installation companies in markets across the United States. Ideal partners are fencing companies that are looking to sell and don’t have a succession plan, or companies that are trying to achieve growth and realize the best way to get there is through the dynamic leadership of U.S. Fence Solutions.

U.S. Fence Solutions is an entity of Building Industry Partners, a leading private equity investment firm focused on the building products industry.

Because U.S. Fence Solutions exists to purchase or partner with fencing companies, we’re actively seeking out such businesses and are always looking to make investments. Acquisition inquiries should be directed to areed@usfencesolutions.com.

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